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The Apocalypse in Space and Time

This is an outstanding survey outlining the way in which the book of Revelation [apocalypse: the unveiling] has been viewed throughout church history. Bruce Gore, your tour guide, has been a teacher/theologian/professor /historian for most of his adult life and … Continue reading

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“And the Sea Became Blood?” – The Gulf Oil Crisis

It has been alleged that Rahm Emanuel, Barak Obama’s Chief of Staff, once uttered, “You never let a serious crisis go to waste”. True or not I don’t know but he wouldn’t be the first to consider the implications of … Continue reading

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Biblical Armageddon Must Be Taught Next to Global Warming!

“Some people think that the world’s gonna heat up, and we’re going to be baked alive… but other people think a monster with seven heads is going to come out, and rip us apart… I’m still deciding.” Classroom student “Polls … Continue reading

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