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Is the Islamic Savior the Biblical AntiChrist?

We are being bombarded by things apocalyptic from every angle and there seems to be no end in sight. As 2012 approaches, I believe “end times” infatuation will explode exponentially. We are being inundated from every angle. A group of … Continue reading

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The TRUTH Project – Creating a Christian Worldview

The TRUTH Project is a marvelous 12 part series with the intent to help create a Biblical world and life view. “In a recent study, the Barna Research Group revealed a stunning statistic that continues to reverberate throughout the evangelical … Continue reading

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America’s Christian Heritage – American Vision

This is an exciting new DVD series that should be available within the month at American Vision.

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Two Friends, Different Paths, Same Destiny

This is dedicated to Mike Fitzpatrick, long time friend and running buddy from Boca High days. Mike was the epitome of the party guy and one heck of a talented harrier. He’s been in the auto dealership business out in … Continue reading

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1973 – Just Before the Rapture =)

Great memories! It was 1973 and gas lines were wrapped to kingdom come. My college roommates and I would arrive at 5:00 AM, play guitar and shoot the breeze, all with hopes of adding a little petrol to our gas … Continue reading

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The Destruction of the City of Jerusalem in 70 AD

It seems that precious few Christians possess even a modicum of historical perspective regarding the events surrounding the time between Christ’s bodily resurrection and ascension in AD 30, and the destruction of Jerusalem in AD 70. Why is it that … Continue reading

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Barack “Anti-Christ” Obama? – Gary DeMar

Prophecy pundits are at it again! Listen how Gary explains passages from Isaiah and Luke in reference to “Satan falling as lightning (baraq) from heaven” (Luke 10:18). See what can happen when reading the Word with preconceived notions (as well … Continue reading

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