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Windows Service Center Phone Scam!!! Beware

I just got a call from the Windows Service Center notifying me that my computer was sending out infected files. Holy Trojan Horse, Batman!  This chap said he was authorized to stop these viruses from spreading. He said, “Are you at your computer … Continue reading

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Christian Hope through Fulfilled Bible Prophecy!

Charles Meek, a PCA attendee and founder of the first apologetics website (, has written a very challenging book, “Christian Hope through Fulfilled Bible Prophecy.” After attempting to field a constant barrage of eschatological questions, Charles decided to embark on … Continue reading

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Crash of 2014?

(click on the image for a larger view) This chart says it all. Look at the headlines (you’ll have to click on the above chart for a larger view) that accompanied the 2013 Russell 3000 climb. The bad news was … Continue reading

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Scary market chart signaling another crash?

The above market chart superimposes the 17 months of the DOW Jones as it led up to the 1929 market crash, our most recent 17 months (Feb/2014). The implication? Get the heck out of dodge because the market’s about to … Continue reading

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That’s just your opinion

When discussing biblical matters, how often have do you hear the common refrain, “Well, that’s just your opinion”? So what are the often unstated assertions behind this seemingly innocuous statement? Perhaps, that capturing truth is as difficult as nailing jello … Continue reading

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