Christian Hope through Fulfilled Bible Prophecy!

Charles Meek, a PCA attendee and founder of the first apologetics website (, has written a very challenging book, “Christian Hope through Fulfilled Bible Prophecy.” After attempting to field a constant barrage of eschatological questions, Charles decided to embark on a thorough study of his own. As noted by his subtitle, “Is Your Church Teaching Error about the Last Days and Second Coming?”, Charles believes that the Church needs an eschatological overhaul. This area has been the church’s Achilles heel for far too long. Charles’ arguments are strong and his commitment to the Bible is even stronger. The link below is a short preamble to this most excellent book.


Does this stuff really matter? Yes, I think it does. I believe Biblical inspiration and God’s perceived faithfulness is unwittingly being compromised by today’s most popular view, and something is severely amiss. Taking a quick look at the abysmal record of the “experts” proves that there are serious issues with the current system. Charles does a formidable job of helping to right the ship while restoring Scriptural credibility.

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