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Heavens to Murgatroid! The Asteroids are coming!

Given comments like those of Pat Robertson’s below, is there any wonder why there’s so much eschatologically-induced confusion and why there’s currently an interpretational free-for-all within the Church? I don’t mean to be overly harsh (well maybe just a bit … Continue reading

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Coffee Table Extraordinaire!

The TouchTable looks like a giant iPhone that marries satellite imagery with a plethora of data sources. TouchTable, Inc., the creators of this amazing device, have developed applications for intelligence gathering and law enforcement, but the sky’s the limit for … Continue reading

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Presuppositions and Assumptions

Consider the following mind trick from David Copperfield. Can he read your thoughts?       I think this is a great lesson as we attempt to interpret the Bible. Though we may be unaware, we often don’t approach Scripture … Continue reading

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