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The Apocalypse in Space and Time

This is an outstanding survey outlining the way in which the book of Revelation [apocalypse: the unveiling] has been viewed throughout church history. Bruce Gore, your tour guide, has been a teacher/theologian/professor /historian for most of his adult life and … Continue reading

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Thy Word – Sound interpretational principles

Reading God’s word… A gentle admonition Ed Ferner, a mentor of sorts, once gave me simple but sage advice that’s worth passing along. “The Scripture was written FOR us but it was not written TO us.” As obvious as that … Continue reading

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That’s just your opinion

When discussing biblical matters, how often have do you hear the common refrain, “Well, that’s just your opinion”? So what are the often unstated assertions behind this seemingly innocuous statement? Perhaps, that capturing truth is as difficult as nailing jello … Continue reading

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With the Lord one day is like a thousand years, but for us one day is like, well, 24 hours… :)

  Come back with me to 1973 when Middle East tensions were overflowing and U.S. gas lines ever growing, and most high profile Christian leaders like Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, and Hal Lindsey, assured us that we were experiencing the last days “birth … Continue reading

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Presuppositions and Assumptions

Consider the following mind trick from David Copperfield. Can he read your thoughts?       I think this is a great lesson as we attempt to interpret the Bible. Though we may be unaware, we often don’t approach Scripture … Continue reading

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The World is Coming to an End, Again!

The Rapture’s Back On! Should I sell my home? Commentary: Doomsday is Oct. 21, so get your finances in order By Brett Arends   BOSTON (MarketWatch) — The world is coming to an end. Again. Harold E. Camping, the radio “Rapture” guy … Continue reading

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