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Dispensationalism Exposed

“In the sermon (below), Archbishop Scott McLaughlin exposes the origins and outcomes of the popular idea of the “Rapture” of the Church, rebuking Harold Camping’s predictions of the “Rapture” in May and the End-of-the-World in October. The entire “Dispensational” system … Continue reading

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The Land Promises to Israel – Fulfilled or Unfulfilled?

Are today’s inhabitants of Israel, God’s chosen people? Is the land given to Israel by the U.N. in 1948, the eternal land of Abraham’s descendants?  In other words, is the land of Palestine, Israel’s by divine decree?  Does the modern … Continue reading

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Global Voice of Non-Violence

As I contemplated notifying you of the following event, a very strange and rather unsettling thought hit me. Peace and non-violence are most often associated with hippies and leftist wimps and rarely the overriding themes employed by Christians. It’s not … Continue reading

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