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Pray for Israel? – What about the Palestinians, the Sudanese and/or the Canadians?

I received a short email (at bottom) asking that we pray for Israel. Rather innocuous enough, right?  Why not pray for the peace of a nation constantly embroiled in conflict, and opposed on all sides by the many who want … Continue reading

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The World is Coming to an End, Again!

The Rapture’s Back On! Should I sell my home? Commentary: Doomsday is Oct. 21, so get your finances in order By Brett Arends   BOSTON (MarketWatch) — The world is coming to an end. Again. Harold E. Camping, the radio “Rapture” guy … Continue reading

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Israeli – Palestinian Conflict

I believe there is a great deal of confusion regarding the Palestinian / Israeli conflict. Considering the president’s most recent speech calling for a return to the 1967 borders, I think the following video, forwarded by 3 New Hampshire Governor … Continue reading

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American Atheists Planning Rapture Party!

Do the atheists have a point when they refer to the “any day now” rapture as nonsense? Are you able to answer their claims?  I have found that most cannot. The American Atheist Association is planning rapture parties for “heathens … Continue reading

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