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In 1Peter 4:7what did Peter mean when he proclaimed, “But the end of all things is near. Therefore be of sound mind, self-controlled, and sober in prayer.“?

Download the charts & follow along in your Bible.  Discard your preconceived  ideas & let the Scripture speak for itself through the Holy Spirit’s illumination.

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Disc 01a - ImminencyDisc 01b - Events of AD70Disc 01ab - Imminency
Disc 02a - Fulfilled ProphecyDisc 02b - LongevityDisc 02ab - Some Prophecy Fulfilled
Disc 03a - Day of the LordDisc 03b - Heaven & EarthDisc 03ab - The Day of the Lord
Disc 04 - Majority OpinionDisc 04 - Majority Opinion in Bible Understanding
Disc 05a - ApocalypticDisc 05b - His ComingDisc 05ab - Apocalyptic Language
Disc 07a - The Israel of GodDisc 07b - Basics of ChristianityDisc 07 - Mysteries of God
Disc 08 - ParablesDisc 08 - The Kingdom of God

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