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“This Generation Shall Not Pass Away Til All These Things Be Fulfilled”

When you read Matthew 24:34 from Jesus’ Olivet Discourse (Matt 24; Mark 13, Luke 21), how do you interpret the phrase “This Generation” in the context of “shall not pass away until “all these things be fulfilled“? Is it possible … Continue reading

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Petra’s Color Song – What a Savior!

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The Psychological Effects of Failed Promies

Meet my Aussie friend John. He has a parable to share with you that in his view is a microcosm of today’s church.

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Is Jesus Coming Soon?

The third of three program Gary DeMar has done on the inconsistency with which most Christians interpret eschatology and creation. If we demand a literal 6 day creation in Genesis 1, but yet argues a “day is as a thousand … Continue reading

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