Heavens to Murgatroid! The Asteroids are coming!

Given comments like those of Pat Robertson’s below, is there any wonder why there’s so much eschatologically-induced confusion and why there’s currently an interpretational free-for-all within the Church? I don’t mean to be overly harsh (well maybe just a bit austere), but I truly believe this rhetoric is destroying the credibility of the Bible. Couldn’t this video have just as easily been produced by the Onion? Ugh. 

Listen, I’m not questioning this Roberston’s commitment to Christ or his love for the Gospel, but I am truly appalled that, after a 40-year track record of errant prophetic speculations, we continue to give him a hearing. At what point will people say, “Enough is enough”?  My roommates and I considered quitting college in ’73 because of his warning that the end was near. It’s truly a travesty that people perpetually condone the kind of hermeneutic that gives Robertson license to make these kinds of outrageous predictions.

Pat Roberton’s comments make the video below more plausible every day. One of my all-time favorites!  LoL

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