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bin Laden re 9/11 in his own words

I continue to hear people, empowered by conspiratorialists like Alex Jones, claim that ISIL, ISIS or whatever name you choose for the Islamic State, is merely a fabrication of the CIA/Mossad, and that the terror they are accused of spreading, only … Continue reading

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Secrets and Conspiracies – never the twain shall meet

The following story is a rather poignant reminder why large-scale conspiracies involving hundreds, if not thousands of people, simply cannot be true. The fact is that people can’t keep their mouths shut… not for long. Even in this small group … Continue reading

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Does Bill Gates want Depopulation through vaccines and health care?

A FB friend posted a snippet of a 2010 Bill Gates’ speech, “Innovating to Zero”, where Gates essentially outlined what he believed are grave environment problems that will guarantee cataclysmic results. He specifically referenced global warming through greenhouse gas emissions … Continue reading

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Global Warming, Fact or Fiction?

Global warming is a fact, the polar ice caps are melting and industrialization is the root cause. Well, that’s at least what the “experts” are telling us.   Is our planet really in a dangerous state of warming precipitated by human … Continue reading

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“We are opposed by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy…” ~ JFK

Take a few moments to listen to this famous John F. Kennedy speech. In it, President Kennedy talks about secret societies, secret oaths, secret proceedings and a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies on covert means to accomplish a grand scheme of world domination. Questions … Continue reading

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BP, Wormwood and Other Fairy Tales

I have grown very weary of the interminable contrived associations of the BP oil spill with the fulfillment of Bible prophecy. With every scientifically enshrouded attempt to manufacture a global apocalyptic “end of the world” scenario, I find eschatological presuppositions … Continue reading

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BP’s Deep Water Horizon Oil Blowout

The truth behind the biggest environmental disaster in U.S. history – It’s not the conspiracy theory Alex Jones helped promulgate   I’ve received more than one email warning that this BP Oil disaster is not a solvable problem. This, I … Continue reading

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“And the Sea Became Blood?” – The Gulf Oil Crisis

It has been alleged that Rahm Emanuel, Barak Obama’s Chief of Staff, once uttered, “You never let a serious crisis go to waste”. True or not I don’t know but he wouldn’t be the first to consider the implications of … Continue reading

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