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Whatever Happened to the Gospel?

By David Nicholas   The pastor was brilliant. The people were with him every step of the way. Concluding the service he said, “I have good news for you today. Narzak paid for all your crimes. As we sing this … Continue reading

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Will Rob one day answer the Bell? – How comprehensive is God’s grace?

As many are probably aware, cult figure (and I’m not using that word pejoratively but rather culturally), Rob Bell has recently proclaimed his affinity for the doctrine of Universal Atonement, also known as Comprehensive Grace & Universalism. To be fair, Bell, at the opening … Continue reading

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My Tribute to Mom

Above is my tribute to the best mom anyone could ask for. How could anyone be blessed to have had a more loving mother? And for God to have allowed her to grace my life by dying on my B’day … Continue reading

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