My Tribute to Mom

Above is my tribute to the best mom anyone could ask for. How could anyone be blessed to have had a more loving mother? And for God to have allowed her to grace my life by dying on my B’day is truly unfathomable. Forever entwined because of God’s mercy. 🙂

Below is the sermon that was preached at Mom’s Memorial Service by Dr. David Nicholas, Pastor of Spanish River Church (Boca Raton, FL) and Chancellor of Knox Seminary. David’s tribute to Jane Ann Buford Coty (audio) was offered on October 31, 2008, at First Baptist of Jensen Beach where Paul Thompson pastored my sister Suzi Beatty and Mom.

Dr. David Nicholas’ Memorializes Jane Ann Coty
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  1. distancedad says:

    Surrounded by my boys each one resting a loving arm on each shoulder while I weep…. the sound of my wife sniffling trying to hold back the tears out in the kitchen…all while listening to my friend Chucks beautiful story….”My Tribute to Mom” the Love of Christ just overflowed in our home interrupting and stopping in it’s path a typical crazy, yelling, were “runnin late” sat morn. thanks Chuck, thank you Lord.

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