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Matthew 16:27-28 – “Some Standing Here…”

Have you ever pondered the implications of Matthew 16:27-28 (below)? It seems rather straightforward, doesn’t it? So it’s rather puzzling that commentators are all over the map on this one, with most refusing to consider its most obvious meaning i.e. … Continue reading

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“True Revelation” by Kenosis

Friend, Dustin Curlee, recently sent me a couple of cuts from his new CD, Transidentity. His hip-hop band, Kenosis, comprised of Cody Miles, David Boone and of Dustin, is dedicated to the proclamation and propagation of the Gospel. As they … Continue reading

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You’ve Got to be Kidding…Right?

You’ve Gotta Be Kidding . . . Right? chronicles Brian L. Martin’s (Editor of Fulfilled! Magazine) eschatological journey. His view of the “last things” (eschatology), though it may be new to you, is soundly rooted in Scripture. Join Brian as … Continue reading

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Premillenialism Explained…

Let’s play NAME THE ANTICHRIST! The prophetic speculators are running wild and our imaginations are not far behind. We are piqued with impending excitement wondering how all of this end times drama will play out. Many eschatological specialists wait with … Continue reading

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1973 – Just Before the Rapture =)

Great memories! It was 1973 and gas lines were wrapped to kingdom come. My college roommates and I would arrive at 5:00 AM, play guitar and shoot the breeze, all with hopes of adding a little petrol to our gas … Continue reading

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“This Generation Shall Not Pass Away Til All These Things Be Fulfilled”

When you read Matthew 24:34 from Jesus’ Olivet Discourse (Matt 24; Mark 13, Luke 21), how do you interpret the phrase “This Generation” in the context of “shall not pass away until “all these things be fulfilled“? Is it possible … Continue reading

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Is Barack Hussein Obama the AntiChrist?

There are all kinds of wild accusations running rampant on the internet but the reality is that being both The Antichrist of the World and President of these United States may prove to be an unwarranted strain on Barack’s energies–notwithstanding … Continue reading

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“It depends on what the meaning of ‘is’ is”

When we regard Holy Scripture, does time matter? Is it relevant? Is it consistent? Are references to it to be taken literally and uniformly? Does “soon” really mean “soon”? If something was “at hand” in one verse and “at hand” … Continue reading

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