Mysterious Mass Deaths of Birds & Fish – Last Day? Kirk Cameron Weighs on CNN

The more I cross paths with actor Kirk Cameron, the more I appreciate him as a brother in Christ. Even though I don’t agree with his eschatology, I really love this guy. He’s so down to earth and is such a committed Christian.
In the below CNN story regarding the mysterious mass deaths of birds and fish, the interviewer, Anderson Cooper, tried coaxing Cameron into linking these strange occurrences to an impending “end of days” scenario.

Kirk could have easily taken this interview in a very different direction, however, much to my appreciation he stayed focused and grounded. Kirk pointed out that after everything is said and done, any given day could be our last. And we MUST be prepared for that day. I think he’s right on the money. In this CNN interview with Cameron (halfway through the above clip), Kirk said with a little grin, “I’m not the religious conspiracy theorist go-to guy”. And I just about busted a gut. Bravo Kirk!
Then, when CNN’s Anderson Cooper pressed him on the whole “Left Behind” series (in which Kirk played a prominent movie role), Kirk said, “I’m probably going to die of some other cause before this [the end of the world] happens.” How refreshing! This is a wonderful perspective and one I wish more Christians took.
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