Eschatology Matters – Gary DeMar

In my view, if we don’t begin to confront the current most prevelent eschatological paradigm (dispensational premillennialism), I believe our culture will continue to slip further into the moral morrass in which we find ourselves today. We are almost 40 years removed from Lindseys “Late Great Planet Earth” and it seems apparent that at least in part, Lindsey’s view has become a propheteic inevitabilty. Many see the declining conditions, both economic and moral, as a prophetic fulfillment, but I believe it is nothing more than a self-fulfiilling prophecy based upon poorly crafted theology. Please consider Gary’s thoughts!

Gary DeMar’s American Vision is, in my opinion, the foremost Christian organization attempting to bring the salt and light of the Gospel to the world. In Gary’s efforts to do this he has encountered eschatological presuppositions that he believes run contrary to those efforts. Although eschatology is not a foundational issue within our faith, it truly is the driving force behind our expectations. Sadly, Gary believes, as do I, that these expectations do not line up with God’s Word and are hamstringing our efforts to be ambassadors of Christ.

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