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Yes, it is about time!

In today’s Christian Care Ministries blog post titled “It’s about time“, Dan Norris made the following statement. “Growing up, I never thought Jesus could actually come back in my lifetime, but the way the world is today I am not … Continue reading

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Thy Word – Sound interpretational principles

Reading God’s word… A gentle admonition A wonderful gentleman by the name of Ed Ferner once gave me some simple but sage advice that I will pass along. “The Scripture was written FOR us but it was not written TO us.” … Continue reading

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Plagiarius to Martial – kidnapping words…

In Pastors, Sermons And Plagiarism In The Internet Age, Sarah Pullham Baily wondered how plagiarism was/is affecting modern day pulpits. She wrote, “Recent cases of high-profile pastors who have been accused of lifting others’ material are raising questions about whether pulpit plagiarism … Continue reading

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Jesus Is Coming Soon!

Few will disagree that Chris Tomlin is both a gifted writer/performer and a man after God’s own heart. Often his songs are so majestically inspiring that they exhort and compel us to fall on our knees and worship Jesus. In a recent Sunday service we sang a very popular Tomlin … Continue reading

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Is Israel the apple of God’s eye?

How many times have you heard someone say, I believe the Jews i.e. modern day Israel, are God’s chosen people and the apple of God’s eye? In the minds of many, this view is so sacrosanct that to dare question it, … Continue reading

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Does anybody really know what time it is?

Does eschatology matter? Clearly it’s not a bedrock issue like the atonement, the virgin birth or the deity of Christ, so why waste valuable time studying a doctrine that causes so much conflict and seems to accomplish so little? After … Continue reading

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bin Laden re 9/11 in his own words

I continue to hear people, empowered by conspiratorialists like Alex Jones, claim that ISIL, ISIS or whatever name you choose for the Islamic State, is merely a fabrication of the CIA/Mossad, and that the terror they are accused of spreading, only … Continue reading

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Secrets and Conspiracies – never the twain shall meet

The following story is a rather poignant reminder why large scale conspiracies involving hundreds, if not thousands of people, simply cannot be true. The fact is that people can’t keep their mouths shut… not for long. Even in this small … Continue reading

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Does Bill Gates want Depopulation through vaccines and health care?

A FB friend posted a snippet of a 2010 Bill Gates’ speech, “Innovating to Zero”, where Gates essentially outlined what he believed are grave environment problems that will guarantee cataclysmic results. He specifically referenced global warming through greenhouse gas emissions … Continue reading

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Global Warming, Fact or Fiction?

Global warming is a fact, the polar ice caps are melting and industrialization is the root cause. Well, that’s at least what the “experts” are telling us.   Is our planet really in a dangerous state of warming precipitated by human … Continue reading

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Either Convert them or kill them! Islam or Christianity?

Who recently said, “Either convert them or kill them?” An Islamic terrorist or Cleric, right? It clearly sounds like Middle East rhetoric we’ve heard before, but in this instance, it was a famous Christian duck hunter.    Phil Robertson seems … Continue reading

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The earth shall SOON dissolve like snow?

One of my all-time favorite songs, John Newton’s 1772 “Amazing Grace”, contains some of the sweetest words ever written. “I once was lost but now I’m found, was blind but now I see”. God’s love, grace and mercy are truly amazing!  … Continue reading

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“Gather around, wait for the sound, the King is coming” – Really?

Why do so many of these otherwise inspiring songs, begin or end with lyrics like, “Gather around, wait for the sound, the King is coming”, or other similar, “Jesus is coming soon” type lyrics? Though these kinds of emotionally charged … Continue reading

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“We are opposed by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy…” ~ JFK

Take a few moments to listen to this famous John F. Kennedy speech. In it, President Kennedy talks about secret societies, secret oaths, secret proceedings and a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies on covert means to accomplish a grand scheme of world domination. Questions … Continue reading

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Windows Service Center Phone Scam!!! Beware

I just got a call from the Windows Service Center notifying me that my computer was sending out infected files. Holy Trojan Horse, Batman!  This chap said he was authorized to stop these viruses from spreading. He said, “Are you at your computer … Continue reading

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