Welcome to “Last Days Past”!

We humbly welcome you to LastDaysPast.com and hope at the very least you’ll find this material invigorating. So with an honest admission, please know that we as fallible servants of Christ, realize that we DON’T have all the answers.  Matter of fact, we are rather wary of those who claim to have cornered the market on truth.

However, we believe the views espoused herein are based upon sound interpretive principles and reasoned economic and political theory worthy of your earnest consideration. At first, some of the doctrines and ideas expressed may appear rather challenging and potentially paradigm- threatening, but if you can survive the initial jolt, we believe you will be the beneficiary of some really enlightening good news.

We begin with one major premise: The Bible is the Word of God written. In our view, the Scriptures don’t simply express thoughts about God, but they comprise the very Words from THE mouth of God (anthropomorphically speaking of course :))   And in these God-breathed words are the keys to life, godliness all things rational.  So please know that the ideas contained in these pages have been and are being crafted by the presupposition that  the Bible is the inerrant, authoritative word of God. Without the Bible we’d be as lost and forsaken as an ice cube in the scorching sands of the Sahara.

Therefore, sound hermeneutical (science of interpretation) principles which include “audience relevance“, the “analogy of faith” (interpreting Scripture with Scripture) and God-ordained logic, put us on the best path to unlock the truths of the Holy Writ.  To be certain, this is a very humbling and daunting venture and as we attempt to find the way of truth. First and foremost we desire to know God so we can worship Him more sincerely, but we cannot do that effectively if we carry with us a spirit of arrogance.

Before you delve into LastDaysPast.com, consider this profound thought from theologian and author, J.I. Packer: We do not start our Christian lives by working out our faith for ourselves; it is mediated to us by Christian tradition, in the form of sermons, books and established patterns of church life and fellowship.” Without realizing this fact, it is second nature for us to approach Scripture through the eyes of a faulty paradigm (worldview).  Matter of fact, we believe it is a guarantee that, to the degree we do not free ourselves from these constraints, we simply cannot hear the voice of the Holy Spirit as it relates to the interpretation of God’s Word. Therefore, instead of taking out from Scripture (exegesis), we are inclined toward reading into Scripture (eisegesis) i.e. superimposing our preformed dogma upon the Bible.  If this tendency is not fervently guarded against, we stand to simply reinforce errant views upon the Word, and thereby muzzling the voice of the Holy Spirit.

Viewing the Bible through first century glasses i.e. that a passage can’t mean today what it never meant to it’s original recipients, is what we believe to be a non-negotiable platform of hermeneutics.  So recognizing that although the Bible was written FOR us, it was NOT written directly TO us, is essential to sound interpretation. By viewing Scripture as though it was dropped at our doorstep in the year 2011, leaves us perplexed and confused. Second Timothy, for example, was written by the Apostle Paul to Timothy prior to the destruction of Jerusalem (AD 70) in the first century, and therefore MUST be interpreted in that context. To rip the Paul’s warning to Timothy of men “waxing worse and worse” from its first century context and positing it in our 21st century world, in our view, does severe damage to the Text and creates expectations that are skewed far out of proportion.  Have men really been waxing worse and worse since the first century?

So, we hope to provide our readers with enough historical background so that we can view Scripture through the proper lens.  We think most of us naturally suffer from myopia and so it seems prudent that we take the corrective measures to alleviate this malady.

So come join us in our journey of discovery.  The doctrines and views contained herein offer what we believe is a fresh perspective against the backdrop of the prevalent theological systems of our day. Although we differ rather vociferously with what we call “Leftbhindology”, let us be clear that we affirm the following long-held truths.

In no particular order of relevance we believe:

  • Sola Scriptura (by Scripture alone)
  • Salvation by grace through faith alone
  • The virgin birth
  • The bodily resurrection of Jesus
  • Christ’s second coming (for salvation: Heb 9:28)
  • The judgment
  • The resurrection of the dead
  • The trinity
  • The atonement
  • The indwelling Holy Spirit (in every believer)
  • The presence of an ever-growing spiritual kingdom
  • The sovereignty of God
  • Biblical inerrancy