Dan Norcini Sermons

Dan Norcini was the pastor of Sovereign Grace Bible Church and is a professional currency off-the-floor commodities trader.

As Dan began to thoroughly study eschatology, you can sense that his views morphed from beginning to end. In “What are the Last Days?” he transformed from a quasi-Amillennial to a fulfilled view.  If we allow the Bible to reform our presuppositions, it will conform our doctrinal positions. There are literally hundreds of sermons in Dan’s archive.

Audio Series

What are the Last Days? Series
The 70 Weeks of Daniel Series (prior to Norcini changing views)
Jerusalem Countdown (An analysis of Pastor John Hagee’s 2006 book by the same name)
The Wrath of God Series
Romans 5:12-21 Series
The Throne of David Series

The Just Shall Live by Faith Series
The Conscience parts 1, 2 and 3
Parables of Our Lord
Principles for Understanding Prophecy Series
Romans 12 – A Living Sacrifice
The Christian Warfare
Doctrines of Grace
Glorifying in the Cross
God Works
Insights Into Prophecy
The Just Shall Live by Faith
Our Enemy the Devil
An Overview of Islam
2001-2002 Various Bible Topics