Berean Bible Church – Pastor David Curtis

Welcome to Berean Bible Church’s sermon’s page. Join us live each week by clicking on the “Berean Live” button. After listening to one sermon you will come face to face with David’s Berean heart, where he questions everything “to see if these things are so“. Fourteen years ago, David underwent a very costly paradigm shift. The three sermons below detail that eschatological makeover.

David preaches expositorily, which forces him to deal with even those texts that cause discomfort and confusion.

Inspiration & the 2nd Coming of Christ – 1of3 – David Curtis (1997)
Heaven & Earth Passed Away – 2of3 – David Curtis (1997)
Rapture – Physical or Spiritual – 3of3 – David Curtis (1997)

Mark Acts
Romans Galatians
Phillipians Colossians
Hebrews The Feasts


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