The End Times

  1. Are we truly living in the “Last Days“? jerusalem-wailing-wall
  2. What did Jesus & the writers of the N.T. say about the “end of time”?
  3. Is it heretical to question premillennial dispensationalism & the eschatology embedded in the “Left Behind” series? Is satan ruling the earth today? What about the mark of the beast? How about the antiChrist(s)?
  4. Is Middle East peace an oxymoron?
  5. Is a 21st-century rapture Biblical? Is Christ’s return imminent?
  6. How long must today’s theologians continue to be wrong before we take a closer look?
  7. If the Scripture is to be taken literally then why are the statements of imminency ignored?
  8. Is God still concerned with the dirt (the land of Israel), manmade edifices (temples) & genetic origin (The Jews)?
  9. Are there truly two people’s of God? Is God still concerned with modern apostate Israel?
  10. Does any of this really matter? Why should I care? Will it make a difference in my life?

Are we nearing the end of the world or were they nearing the end of an age? This is an absolutely crucial question that must be answered.

What is “preterism” and how does it differ from premillennial dispensationalism?

But what about ________? Each answered questions seems to produce 5 unanswered conumdrums. Be patient. Paradigms are difficult to reshape because they may be built upon layer after layer of errant presuppostions.

Challenging pop eschatology

Christian Zionism – Is it Biblical? Is modern-day Israel distinct from the Israel of God?

Putting eschatology in context – Now what?